Do you want an unfair advantage?

I do!

In the SEAL Teams, especially us snipers, we always look for one.

Some military skills translate well in the civilian world. Some don’t.

What has propelled me in my own civilian career as a bestselling author, executive producer on my upcoming TV series, and entrepreneur is mental toughness coupled with purpose, goal setting, a system of accountability, and a large network of great people to leverage.

Haters and detractors are always going to exist. It is best if we just acknowledge it, ignore them all, and keep on with achieving our own success.

What now?

If the latest headlines weren’t scary enough, we have a massive recession coming our way.

The stock market will decline and inflation is coming along with political uncertainty. Yet, there are MASSIVE opportunities in it all. IF YOU are prepared.

The questions we need to ask ourselves in the context of coming out ahead in our careers, personal goals, and leadership in 2021 are:

“Am I prepared?”

“Do I have the right community and network?”

“Am I surrounding myself with the right people to help me achieve my goals?”

“Is there a system of accountability in place for me?”

During the last four years, I’ve spoken at many masterminds and have always been impressed with the people in the room. Now I’m finally ready to create, The Red Circle Mastermind Group, and share it with the SOFREP community first.

Caution: this group isn’t for everyone. Some will apply and not be accepted; this is just the way it is. We are looking for committed people, who want to push themselves personally and professionally for the year.

The Red Circle Group will be your opportunity to apply for an exclusive community. You will set your goals, be held accountable for your progress, and receive my mental toughness insights.

We’ll hold weekly chats and one 90-minutes live monthly talk with a Q&A hosted by me. AND you will get my personal email address to ask me relevant questions.

If you’re interested in scheduling an interview with my team and applying for the group visit our site here.