It’s probably easy for you to identify the people who could gain physical access to your computer, tablets, phones, and other digital devices. It could be family members, roommates, co-workers, members of a cleaning crew, and others.

But identifying the people who could gain remote access to your devices are much more difficult. As long as you have a device that connects to a network, or the Internet, you are vulnerable to someone or something accessing your information. Luckily, you can develop habits that make it more far more difficult.

Here are just a few habits to protect you from remote access:

1. LOCK or LOG-OFF your devices: This means having a STRONG PASSWORD. Developing a strong password is easy. Insure it has 25 characters or more – I know – sounds crazy but here is an example: IHateRadicalTerrorism!!!! Pick random words or phrases that don’t relate to you and exceed 24 characters.