Topping the news out of Afghanistan as of late is the rampant sexual abuse of young children committed by the U.S.-trained Afghan militia over the past four years. A New York Times article reported that U.S. forces have been instructed not to intervene, as this is considered a “matter of domestic Afghan criminal law.”

In addition, a few Special Forces soldiers have been reprimanded, one of which is being forcibly retired by the U.S. Army. This policy was put in place to ensure the Americans maintain a good working relationship with their Afghan counterparts, fearing that meddling in this taboo cultural practice will unravel said relationship.

This must be a new addition to the “win the hearts and minds” policy brought to you by “hear no evil, see no evil.” The Department of Defense’s (DOD) fear of undermining local authority be damned, this type of “authority” shouldn’t come from any type of leadership position—not in Afghanistan, Iraq, or anywhere on this planet.

No doubt our primary concern is to build, train, and guide. By looking the other way, these walking piles of fecal matter will destroy everything that was paid for in blood over the course of America’s longest war.