Bosnia was under the control of the United Nations (UN)s in 1996 due to the civil war-induced fall of former Yugoslavia. Civil wars are actually country-private internal affairs, supposing that under certain circumstances a country has a right to work out its own issues of internal strife. Such was not the case with Bosnia; the atrocities and crimes against humanity had more than overwhelmed the world’s threshold for horror, and an end to it all had to be expedited.

I came to Bosnia with a dozen men from the Delta Force to provide personal protective services to the American General who was the UN-assigned commander of the entire country until order, such as the rest of the world viewed order, was restored. We provided for all of the physical security requirements for the General; we planned and accompanied him on all movements of his daily routine and secured his location at every stop.

“He what?”

“The general is an avid runner and he wants to go for a run today,”