Dedication for this essay goes to SOFREP writer Mr. James J. L. Powell

It was in the stately confines of Jackson, Florida, as I recall in my mind’s eye. It was during a Joint Readiness Exercise that JSOC was chartered to support in some capacity, and on some occasion, it became incumbent on JSOC to send a contingent of Delta men to participate.

JRX Valient Shield and US Kitty Hawk | Wikipedia Commons

Delta men abhorred a JRX; all true Delta men absolutely abhorred a JRX. It was like after a hard year of road-running to a blazing soundtrack of Metallica and Megadeath, only to be suddenly thrust into a painful elevator ride to wafting Perry Como music:

Good Christ, what is that sound? Where is it even coming from? Is that Perry Como? Can you at least turn it up? Dude, did you fart?