This work is dedicated to SOFREP brother Dr. Taylor Mac.

The Unexpected Bomb Pop Moment

As it was worded to me: “Dr. Collins will be hanging out with you your entire time in post-op recovery.” Hanging out? Oh, great. Does that mean I have to dream up something clever for us to do? I’m sure I’ll be a barrel of fun, you know, just tons of monkeys.

I recall opening my eyes and feeling instantly awake, though apparently somewhat daft, as I focused in on Dr. Collin’s face hovering over me. Sticking in her mouth was what, for all the world, appeared to be a red, white, and blue popsicle—you read me right, a Bomb Pop!

Bomb pop frozen dessert – original flavor (cherry, lime, and blue raspberry) | Wikimedia Commons

“Are you having a … a popsicle, Daktari?”

“Yep,” she replied.

“Why would you be eating a Bomb Pop in post-op?”

“Oh, is that a legitimate concern of yours?”

“Well … I mean no. No, not at all,”