This may be the last utensil you’ll ever need. Okay, that might be an overstatement if this is the only thing you have and you’re trying to eat a porterhouse. If you happen to carry a knife as an EDC (everyday carry), then you’re set on all eating fronts. In the ultralight age of weight saving, the Sea to Summit Titanium Folding Spork doesn’t cut any corners on quality or versatility.

Sea to summit titanium folding spork hand

Weighing at 17 grams (0.6 oz), the Sea to Summit Titanium Folding Spork weighs less then a standard toothbrush. Due to its folding feature, the spork easily fits inside of a stove pot or any small pocket. I like to keep my in the burner carry bag of my JetBoil MiniMo, which stores nicely within the pot. Due to their length, I can’t do that with a normal sized camping fork, spoon, knife, or spork. Like many times in the past, keeping this with my stove now prevents me from forgetting a utensil. No more eating directly from the bag or pot again.

sea to summit titanium folding spork pot