It was in the stately confines of Jackson, Florida, as I recall in my mind’s eye. It was during a Joint Readiness Exercise  (JRX) that JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command) was chartered to support in some capacity, and on some occasion, it became incumbent on JSOC to send a contingent of Delta men to participate.

JRX Valiant Shield and US Kitty Hawk | Wikipedia Commons

Delta men abhorred a JRX;

All true Delta men absolutely abhorred a JRX. It was like after a hard year of road-running to a blazing soundtrack of Metallica and Megadeath, only to be suddenly thrust into a painful elevator ride to wafting Perry Como music.

Good Christ, what is that sound? Where is it even coming from? Is that Perry Como? Can you at least turn it up? Dude, did you fart?

Author (left) and the Reverand Chill D in the Guyanese Jungle c. 1995 | YouTube


The Mess Tent Incident

This JRX seemed to be falling down the stairs slower than most of them did. For some inexplicable reason, we found ourselves lined up outside of a mess tent, filing in one by one to have a hot meal for the day.

We had removed our combat blouses and rolled them into a pile outside of the tent. Those blouses would raise too much attention, so the boss decided to send us in wearing our brown t-shirts.