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“Sssup James, my brothu?” I worded carefully. No response. James had ‘the look’ on his face that was just ambiguous enough that you could tell he was really mentally focused on a thought, or he was pissed… a dangerous pair of curtains that Carol Merrill is showing us on ‘Let’s Make a Deal.’ Fifty-fifty odds… I don’t like it; at least in Russian Roulette you had a one-in-six chance of living.

“James… Conan… James are you bent at me for something?”

“Huh? …no Geroge, we’re fine” he insisted. “And I’m not pissed at that shit you said about my foot in Key West, heh heh heh.” So it was the former that gripped him. I couldn’t resist because I am a nosey sort, or at least I fancy myself one. I stepped over to the door jamb of his team room to have a hear.