James’ transition back to the land of the Great PX

For those of us not in the know, the Land of the Great PX was coined at some point over the years based on the perception of America. As it plays out, when the US establishes Army posts and Air Force bases overseas, labor is needed on those facilities to free US personnel to attend to more essential tasks.

Typically the indigenous help is in staggering awe of the amenities that come with US military forces: the snack bars, the bowling alleys (also with snack bars, Aloha!), the movie theaters… and especially the commissaries and, wait for it, the Post Exchange!

Yes the indig do by and large sum up the concept of America by the embodiment of the great PX; many making it their life quest to make it over to the land of the Great PX!

James and Conan both had a very deliberate plan for when they got out. They had a plan by the short hairs, a target in the crosshairs, a hare-brain scheme, and a clear mission focus. James moved to Las Vegas Nevada to work as a contractor for the Department of Energy.