In the unyielding battleground of American politics, a dangerous precedent is being set. The pursuit of justice, a cornerstone of democracy, is morphing into something more sinister. It’s no longer simply about right or wrong; it’s becoming a weapon, a tool wielded with strategic precision against political opponents. This shift represents a fundamental threat to our democratic values, and we must address it before it’s too late.

Take, for example, the recent investigation into Donald J. Trump’s dormant Twitter account. While this may seem like a routine legal procedure on the surface, it’s part of a broader trend. This isn’t an isolated incident but a symptom of a more profound problem – the weaponization of the legal system to achieve political ends.

A sitting President tries to bury future global immunity deal into his son’s legal settlement. Then the same administration launched a legal missile strike that would make Hamas proud.

“The judge appropriately wanted to make sure that the parties were clear on whether Hunter Biden could be prosecuted for additional crimes in the future,” said Barbara L. McQuade, who was the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan from 2010 to 2017. –New York Times

The timing of legal maneuvers, the choice of targets, and the orchestration of legal battles are beginning to bear the hallmarks of political strategy rather than an unbiased pursuit of justice. The legal system is being used to apply pressure, influence public opinion, and shape the political landscape.

Trump and Biden playing chess

Consider the potential impact on the upcoming 2024 election. The alignment of legal investigations with political timelines isn’t just a coincidence; it’s a calculated move. When legal decisions are made with one eye on the ballot box, the lines between justice and politics become dangerously blurred.

The use of the legal system in this way is not confined to one party or ideology. It’s a temptation that exists across the political spectrum, and its consequences could be far-reaching. Today it’s Trump’s Twitter account; tomorrow, it could be any one of us caught in a web of politically motivated legal challenges.

What’s at stake here is not merely the reputation of individuals but the very fabric of our democracy. When justice is wielded as a weapon, when the scales are tipped by political considerations, the foundations of our society are undermined. The trust in our legal institutions erodes, and the bonds that hold us together as a nation begin to fray.

In conclusion, the current two-party duopoly system and our election process are failing us all, delivering lackluster choices every four years and perpetuating a cycle of disillusionment. We’ve become trapped in a system that prioritizes political warfare over the needs and aspirations of the American people. Our democracy cries out for bold reforms. It’s time to consider serious changes, such as campaign finance limits to diminish the influence of big money, enabling voting by phone to increase accessibility, and implementing term limits, like a single six-year Presidential term. Such a term structure would liberate the highest office from the constant pressure to campaign for re-election, allowing the President to focus on transformative policies that genuinely improve America rather than playing it safe to win another four years. These reforms aren’t just wishful thinking; they’re essential steps in rebuilding trust in our political system and giving power back to the people.

We must recognize the dangers of weaponizing the legal system and take active steps to safeguard our democratic principles. The pursuit of justice must remain impartial, free from political manipulation and strategic maneuvering. Our democracy depends on it. We must not let our legal system become a battlefield where political wars are waged. Let us commit to preserving the integrity, fairness, and independence of our legal institutions, for they are the bedrock upon which our nation stands. If we fail in this, we risk losing not just the battle but the very soul of our democracy.