Physical training with Liquid Sky put Deckard in a world of shit.  He was a hybrid athlete as necessitated by his lifestyle.  As the leader of a para-military mercenary unit, Deckard led from the front, often doing body weight routines and kettlebell workouts with the Kazakh mercenaries in the gym, ruck marches with fifty pound packs, and five-mile runs in full combat equipment.

Liquid Sky took masochism to a whole new level.

At dawn they dived into the ocean for a swim.  Deckard was a strong swimmer, but the former SEALs were like fish as they cut through waves that knocked him back and forth in the water.  Bill took them out past the breakers and then turned around to head back to shore.  Deckard was the last one to the beach.  Even Ramon, their former Special Forces member, was out in front of him.

Washing up on shore, Deckard jogged across the beach and up to Bill’s bungalow to catch up.  They were already spotting each other as they cycled through on the bench press.

“You’re up,” Rick told him just as he climbed up onto the deck.  Soaking wet, he knocked out five repetitions on the bench.  He was tired from the swim but could hang in there.  Coming from the Army side, he was a runner and ruck marcher more than a swimmer.

Next they did Renegade Man Makers with 25-pound dumbbells.  A weight was held in each hand while hitting the ground and doing a push up, then you shifted your weight and executed a row, bringing the weight level with the chest, then repeating it on the other side.  Next, you got to your feet with the weights and pressed them above your head.  That was one repetition.  They did five reps.

Next came five box jumps.  From a standing position, you had to jump on top of a wooden box that was two feet high.  Also for five reps.  Then came five reps on the dip bars.  After that came five Goblet Squats which were done holding a 25-pound kettlebell.  Then, they did 25-meter sprints down the beach to shake it out.  That was one set.  There were four more to go.

Deckard was sucking.  Most of the other guys were on steroids and were blowing through the exercises at first.  Rick was actually the first one to puke.  The entire workout was done for time and now it was starting to catch up to them.  Ramon puked off the edge of the deck during their third time through the Renegade Man Makers.  Deckard puked third, this time during the sprints.  Zach got it on the last set, barfing into the ocean as he staggered away after the box jumps.