The interior of the Casa 235 was cramped, claustrophobic, and hot.

The passengers rocked around the inside of the plane as it skirted low over the surface of the earth to avoid surface-to-air missiles.  They flew blacked-out, in the dark, the free fall jumpers sitting on the cold metal floor while their bodies quickly heated up the Casa’s innards.  Sweat beaded and then ran down their faces.  After a few hours their stomachs churned and their heads swam.  Burdened by the rucksacks clipped into their parachute harnesses, weapons, and other gear, it got really humid really fast.

Deckard closed his eyes as he began to get dizzy.  This was the most dangerous part of the mission, the part where you have time to think.  Time to doubt your preparations, your training, your mission.  Time to doubt yourself.  And when you blew off all your very rational fears, you just doubted in general because you had nothing else to busy yourself with.  But like all good soldiers, Deckard possessed that psychopathic part of his brain that allowed him to arrogantly push on, figuring he could somehow survive.

Fuck it.

It wasn’t like he planned to live forever.

The loadmaster standing near the ramp of the aircraft indicated that they were twenty minutes out.  They could already feel the aircraft gaining altitude.  This would be a straight high altitude low opening jump.  No high-speed HAHO sky-pirate business, no wing suits.  Just pop your chute and get to the ground without dying.

Liquid Sky snapped their Ops-Core helmets on; then, flipped on their oxygen tanks before securing the rubber oxygen masks over their faces.  Then, they began the long, slow, and painful process of dragging themselves to their feet.  It was then that another feeling washed over Deckard.  He stood on shaky feet but the ghost of a smile was on his face behind the oxygen mask.  He was going to war.  Not with the Syrians, but with his own kind.  He had witnessed the scalpings, the murders first hand.  He had two options, join Liquid Sky and fully commit, or complete his mission.

Deckard would complete his mission.