“The problem is, all three of our targets are united in opposition to our employer.  They want us to not just take out the leadership cells, but to turn the survivors of each group against each other,” Bill said.  “Deckard and Nadeesha, you both know Arabic.  I want you to hand jam some notes that we can stick into the pockets of the dead bodies we are about to make.”

“Plant some pocket litter that will make it look like the three target groups sold each other out to the regime,” Nadeesha said.


Deckard looked in the glove compartment for a piece of paper.

“This is sloppy as fuck,” Deckard said.

“Yeah, it is,” Bill agreed.  “But this little conspiracy we are creating doesn’t have to hold up in court, it just has to survive long enough to get al-Wafiq, Wafa, and Wa’ad killing each other to break the momentum of this protest movement.  Then the regime can shore up their base.”

“But who really gives a fuck as long as we get paid,” Nadi said.

“Exactly,” Zach agreed.