Trump’s pick for Secretary of Defense, retired Marine General James Mattis, doesn’t seem to be pleased with how the President Elect is filling high level positions within the Department of Defense.

Although the Trump transition team, by way of incoming press secretary Sean Spicer, has denied claims that Trump and Mattis are at odds regarding the methodology employed in making defense appointments, multiple news outlets have reported that Mattis threatened to turn down the prestigious SecDef appointment over his disagreements.  One source says that incoming Vice President, Mike Pence, had to go to Mattis in order to smooth things over and keep him on the team.

“Great transition at DoD. Reports to contrary completely false and come from sources who do not have any knowledge of our transition efforts.” Tweeted Sean Spicer late last week in response to reports that Mattis and Trump may be on the outs.

With just two weeks remaining before Donald Trump takes office, there are still a number of defense department positions yet to be filled, which could indicate that the disagreement between the two leaders could be posturing, as Mattis wants more influence over those appointed to positions beneath him.  Mattis, it has been reported, wants to fill open positions with the best possible candidates for each role, regardless of political affiliation, but the incoming president seems to only be considering those affiliated to the Republican party and willing to support the new president.