A 19-year-old man from Virginia went to New York for the holiday weekend and had to have part of his leg amputated after a small explosion in Central Park.

The internet, in response, went mad with backwater speculative theories. The most strange theory is clearly from folks who don’t get out often and has focused on, the amount of available camera crews in NYC. Imagine that, camera crews in NYC, wow – standdown Sherlock Holmes, social media is on the case. Other crackpots have blamed Daesh (ISIS,) or terrorism in general, an orchestrated false flag attack overseen by President Obama, and a malicious attack by the FBI to inflate next year’s budget – even though the fiscal year, accounting period for the federal government does not start until October.



OK, maybe an improvised explosive device by definition, but not a malicious device constructed for terrorism.

Albeit, the internet, the media, and people always tend to underestimate the stupidity of others, as well as themselves. Humans are big dumb animals, and most typically circumstance and motives behind an incident are selfish and stupid acts – not the work of some ill-disposed international cabal. Stop watching too much television and study the actions and motives of those around you.

‘It’s not a tumor,’ but it is a rumor turned conspiracy theory.