A 19-year-old man from Virginia went to New York for the holiday weekend and had to have part of his leg amputated after a small explosion in Central Park.

The internet, in response, went mad with backwater speculative theories. The most strange theory is clearly from folks who don’t get out often and has focused on, the amount of available camera crews in NYC. Imagine that, camera crews in NYC, wow – standdown Sherlock Holmes, social media is on the case. Other crackpots have blamed Daesh (ISIS,) or terrorism in general, an orchestrated false flag attack overseen by President Obama, and a malicious attack by the FBI to inflate next year’s budget – even though the fiscal year, accounting period for the federal government does not start until October.



OK, maybe an improvised explosive device by definition, but not a malicious device constructed for terrorism.

Albeit, the internet, the media, and people always tend to underestimate the stupidity of others, as well as themselves. Humans are big dumb animals, and most typically circumstance and motives behind an incident are selfish and stupid acts – not the work of some ill-disposed international cabal. Stop watching too much television and study the actions and motives of those around you.

‘It’s not a tumor,’ but it is a rumor turned conspiracy theory.


ABC News reported from the scene,


The hype about fireworks usage and the Presidential campaign has only amplified matters regarding this incident.

Witnesses said the explosion could be heard outside the funeral of Holocaust survivor and Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel . . . The New York Philharmonic staged a fireworks display in the park two weeks ago so now they’re wondering if it came from that event.

Homemade explosives (HME,) such as, Triacetone triperoxide (TATP) or tri-cyclic acetone peroxide (TCAP). The explosive used in the Paris Attacks is suspected – acetone peroxide takes the form of a white crystalline powder with a distinctive bleach-like odor and can explode if subjected to heat, friction, or shock.


Bombing at the US Embassy in Montenegro ends with only the attacker dead

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Goodbye reason, hello jackassery.

For instance, ‘This white-boy, has done lost his mind.’


In fact, if I was an investigator, I would be on the creator of this rant video, Owen Shroyer like white on rice, served on a paper plate, with a glass of milk in the middle of a snowstorm. Mr. Shroyer’s actions and accusations are suspect, not necessarily guilty, but suspect.

People, of course, freaked out about the police response, but they really should not have. In fact, they should thankful for the outstanding and thorough job NYPD and other first responders did to clear and secure the area from any additional threats. Yes, the area was locked down and searched to ensure that the area was safe.

The FBI-led Joint Terrorism Task Force, and Investigators suspect  a homemade “experiment” left behind by a DIY Hipster who was trying to make fireworks for the fourth.

Mark Torre, Commanding Officer of the NYFD Bomb Squad, said,

 . . . an experiment with fireworks or explosives, it didn’t look like it was meant to deliberately hurt anyone.

The explosive device was made by a hobbyist amateur or someone who is familiar with chemistry. It was an explosive experiment that was meant to make a large noise, maybe make a flash.

Clearly, I would say that this is somebody that had knowledge of chemistry. But you don’t have to be anything more than good with computers to get enough knowledge of chemistry to be able to create something of this type … from readily available materials, unfortunately.

This is clearly explosive material. But there’s nothing to indicate that this was an explosive device that was placed or put in this area with a specific intent to harm any individuals.

Connor Golden who was the victim of circumstance was been climbing rocks off-trail in Central Park with two friends when he inadvertently stood on an object that ‘blew up’. Hardly the location for a targeted device.

Golden’s traveling companions were initially questioned,

 ‘Come on, guys, were you carrying fireworks?’

And they said no. And I believed them. An investigator told The New York Post.

Connor Golden, 19, is treated by paramedics after the explosion in Central Park. Via The Daily Mirrior, UK.

Explosive material from the scene was being tested at a bomb lab, and the results have not and most likely will not be made public anytime soon.


Featured Image – ABC News