War, corruption, and poverty have plagued Afghanistan for generations. These have generally led to a myriad of exacerbating issues like a lack of healthcare infrastructure, education, and political unification. Now another devastating obstacle has struck the country: the worst drought in decades.

Droughts of this magnitude are going to affect any country severely, but this one hits Afghanistan particularly hard. Agriculture is Afghanistan’s economic foundation — according to the CIA World Factbook, it composes approximately 23% of the country’s GDP. To contrast, agriculture makes up 0.9% of the United States’s GDP.

20 of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces have felt the brunt of this drought, and millions of Afghan people have been devastated by its effects. This means dead livestock, failed harvest, and of course, a lack of basic access to water. Thousands of households have been displaced, forced to abandon their homes and move elsewhere where they can find water.

According to the European Commission Humanitarian Aid and Emergency Response Mechanism,