Bob’s Brother Comments on SOFREP’s Comments

John Horrigan, named after the apostle John the Baptist, is the twin brother of the mighty warrior Robert Horrigan. Prior to submitting part I of Bob’s story to SOFREP, I sent it to John for review; he had nothing but praise. Recently, it occurred to me that brother John should read the amazing comments that our reading audience has for Bob.

I collected all the comments and sent them to John. Soon after, he made these remarks to me in response to our readers’ inputs. I felt it only fitting to share what John Horrigan said about your admiration for his brother, Robert.

John Horrigan writes:

Thanks, I am silently wiping away tears. You ever need anything, holler. Geo, don’t worry when you pass, people will say this about you. We were walking among Giants and didn’t even know it. You did good my friend. Thank you,
John 15:13”