I have recently seen a comment to the newest Rolling Stone magazine cover by the lead singer of the rock band Disturbed. As much as I do enjoy their music, what has been said and what is actually depicted and written on the cover of the magazine is just beyond me.

Quote from David Draiman (singer, Disturbed):

How far the mighty have fallen,

I used to dream of making the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, as it used to be the ultimate statement of legitimacy for an aspiring musician and it meant that you had really made it. Over the past 5 years, Rolling Stone has become less and less about music, and has become more and more about bullshit, pop culture nonsense. Even though many of us may not care for it, we were able to live with it…until this.

You… dare… to… put… the… image… of… the… boston… bomber… on… the… fucking… cover… of… your… magazine!!!!????

Are you out of your ultra-liberal, sympathetic to a fault, fucking minds???
You have not only succeeded in blatantly insulting and dishonoring the victims and families whose lives were forever effected by this rabid animal, but you have now glorified his cowardly and unforgivable act. Why? Because it will sell magazines? Because it will create controversy? Because you actually do sympathize with this abhorrent, cowardly, piece of shit? You have made it attractive and validated the act, to a whole new generation of wanna be terrorists seeking martyrdom and infamy. You, and your kind are the reason why people think that they can go out “in a blaze of glory” while murdering innocents. Honestly, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart…go…fuck…yourselves.

The next terrorist/murdering incident, be it another bomber, or a madman with an assault rifle, unleashing fire upon a school full of children, is on you.

May your consciences (if you even have them) weigh immeasurable heavy on you for the rest fo your lives. I condemn this act, this notion, and this worthless piece of shit fucking rag of a magazine. May the powers that be have mercy upon your souls, because the next time something like this happens, I assure you, the world won’t.

-Go to Hell

Wow, wow, wow hold your horses! What an absolute outrage to publish a photo of this monster on the front of this magazine, surely this will only drag other troubled youths into the land of going down in blaze of glory. At least this is the line proposed by most of the people commenting this incident, but have any of you even noticed what the issue at hand is here? It turns out that when I thought reading with an understanding of the text was a skill taught in primary school, I was wrong. Read out loud what the headline says: “THE BOMBER”… Well excuse me, but to my best knowledge unless proven guilty in due legal process Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is a “The Bomber SUSPECT.”


Scores of people brag about how unethical it is to post a photo of a kid that someone told you did terrible things – but as of yet there is no standing court verdict that condemns this person, or any other for that matter, for committing such atrocities. I salute you for putting up a great and ferocious fight to uphold your 2nd Amendment rights, but why is it that you just stand idle and deny this youngster “Due Process,” which in fact is guaranteed in your 5th Amendment to the Constitution. By all means, if a court finds this person guilty, be my guest in calling him THE BOMBER, THE MURDERER and make sure he gets what he deserves. Until then however, I see no reason why you all should stigmatize Rolling Stone for anything but pre-emptively calling this guy The Bomber, as if it was 100% sure and there was a court ruling that in fact he is responsible for the deaths and injuries of all the people in Boston.

Guess how you would feel if Rolling Stone published a photo of Zimmerman a few months back, and captioned it ‘THE MURDERER?’ Everyone would have unloaded on RS about how can they print a photo of such a monster. Fast-forward to here and now and it turns out the man is innocent, and suddenly you all would turn out to be …………… (I leave this space for your own imagination to fill).

In respect to all this, neither Rolling Stone nor Disturbed have any sympathy from me. They are seemingly fighting one another, but in essence they are putting forward the same narrative to condemn a 19 year old suspected of a severe crime before a verdict is struck (which is a direct violation of the 5th Amendment), and I’m sad to say… most you are falling for it. Honestly, all of this has hardcore Goebbel- style textbook brainwashing written all over it. Please be so kind to remember that we DO NOT live in the Dark Ages and this is not a Witch Hunt. Again, most people just rant about the use of this image on the front cover, which I also find “Inappropriate,” but sadly, no one is ranting about the actual content of the article, which pretty much plays judge and jury on this case based on information from “reliable sources.” Well excuse me, it is not a tabloid’s job to come up with a verdict, it is the job of the Court and Jury. This is by no means an issue of any conspiracy theory or if the Boston Bombing was a False-Flag Operation, it is strictly an issue of stigmatizing a person before he is found guilty.

The Alleged Boston Bomber. Well that is exactly what he is, an alleged terrorist, a suspect and a defendant. No matter how compelling the evidence, it is up to the Court and Jury, not a tabloid or a celebrity, to decide who is guilty and who is set free. If you actually read that article, it is full of sucked-out-of-a-thumb information by some ignorant journalist who lacks basic knowledge of the realities of life in the North Caucasus. The entire article is written in a manner of “This is why HE DID IT,” even though it adds the voices of Tsarnaev’s friends saying that they have no idea how could he have done it, if he was in fact the one that did it. They state that “People just have blood in their eyes” and don’t take any other possibility into consideration other that he is the one responsible for the bloodbath.

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Draiman (Disturbed) also pretty much joins in the same narrative. The one sentence that is most highlighted and pretty much sums up the entire rant is “YOU… DARE… TO… PUT… THE… IMAGE… OF… THE… BOSTON… BOMBER… ON… THE… FUCKING… COVER… OF… YOUR… MAGAZINE!!!!????” The Boston Bomber? Excuse me but until we hear a verdict, he is ‘The Alleged Boston Bomber’, despite all the media outlets and the FBI flooding us with “Overwhelming amount of undeniable evidence and testimonies from witnesses.”

Some question my point on this, stating the court system is corrupt and is incapable of issuing a verdict that would be just. Well with the amount of people engaged in the legal due process, should the trial be rigged, there is a number of potential whistle-blowers that just might do the right thing, don’t you think? Unfortunately ,when you have a single non-legal body that acts as the prosecutor, judge and jury, we are coming very close to something we know far to well from history. Ask yourself if it would be better to have public lynching of alleged criminals without due process, I hear those are a lot of fun for all people to watch, but would you really want to be a part of a Talibo-Stalininst way of life, I don’t think so.

In essence, let me remind you that should you want to keep your 2A, don’t let yourselves get dragged into denying others their rights recognized by the Constitution and the entire Bill of Rights.

Stay safe and stand fast!