“E-4 Mafia for life!” Or something like that.

For those not in the know, E-4 is that magical rank where no one expects you to be in charge, but you are, and no one expects much of you except work, but now you can task that down to lower ranks. As an E-4, you get the glory when things go right, and very little backlash when things go to hell. You have authority over the E-1 through E-3, but almost none of the responsibility of supervision. You have entered the E-4 Mafia.


What Is the E-4 Mafia and How Do I Join?

The best way to be E-4 Mafia is to sew on E-4 with very little expectation to ever sew on E-5. And to always have tobacco, energy drinks, and a ready excuse when needed.

Use those years as an E-4 to entrench yourself into the military machine as someone who gets things done, without asking a lot of inane questions about safety or regulations or whether or not something is legal. It probably isn’t. But did anyone get hurt so bad we have to tell anyone? No? Then we’re good.


Branches of the E-4 Mafia

All branches of the military have some form of the E-4 Mafia. In the Army and Air Force it is the E-4 Mafia. Easy. In the Marine Corps, it is sometimes known as the Lance Corporal Underground. In the Navy, they are just E-4s who may or may not help each other out. Pretty boring, really. They should have a cool name like the rest of us, but they’re the Navy.