His nickname was Dozer and he was the most aggressive Blue Falcon I’ve ever encountered in the military.

The minute you struck up a conversation with a woman at the bar he was there to swoop in, drop a bird turd in your drink, and try and take the girl you were chatting up. So aggressive! BUT! We’ll get to this jerk in a minute.

What the heck does Blue Falcon stand for anyway?

I did an online search and was shocked that most definitions I bumped into were total bullshit. I had to really tunnel deep to unearth the true definition.

Thank you Urban Dictionary.

In common military terminology (we love our acronyms and slang), a Blue Falcon stands for Buddy F*****.

Urban Dictionary Defines Blue Falcon as:

“Military Term: Refers to someone who commonly fucks over their buddies (buddy fucker).

This includes, but by no means is limited to the following: