I wanted to share a very cool story with you guys.  Here goes: I was flying on Jet Blue to JFK to meet up with Ryan and Dave from Princeton Tech (we are working on some killer projects) and the guy sitting next to me (EJ) asked about my military LBT pack.  We started talking and the fact I was in the SEALs came up and then I showed him my only two hard copies of my book The Red Circle. He freaked out (in a good way), and so I offered for him to get a sneak read on the plane ride. Four hours later he ripped through nearly 200+ pages and was wigging out.  When he left to use the bathroom his wonderful wife mentioned that EJ had just lost his mom and I had made his day letting him read the book and sharing my story with him.  Nothing left to do but sign the book to him and give it away to him, I thought; so I did.

Operation GOOD KARMA complete, enjoy EJ. -BW

There is such a thing as “karma” in this world and I like to stay on the right side of it.


EJ ended up writing a review of The Red Circle. Check it out!

Gave my review at bottom, starting Monday when I go back to work your book and website will be shown on all my trains!  New york is going to get a heavy dose of the Red Circle. trust me.