Kiev, Ukraine — The European Union will continue to train and advise Ukrainian law enforcement agencies. The EU has renewed the deployment of the European Union Advisory Mission (EUAM) until 2019. It also approved a $38 million budget.

Although mostly manned by civilians, the EUAM essentially does the equivalent of foreign internal defence, except with law enforcement agencies. It was first deployed in Ukraine following the Melian Revolution in 2014.  Since then, it has trained, advised and equipped Ukrainian law enforcement agencies.  The EUAM works with an array of law enforcement agencies, to include the National Police, State Border Guard Service, National Anti-Corruption Bureau and Security Service.

Projects include officer exchange programs, strategic planning, strategic communications, riot-control training, community-engaging training, patrolling, investigation techniques, anti-corruption training and recruitment.

Although the EUAM’s headquarters are in Kiev, the mission operates throughout Ukraine in cities like Lviv, Kharkov and soon Odessa.