SOFREP writer Jay jumps on the podcast as we go around the globe and cover a lot of under-reported conflicts going on.  We jump into the proposal of U.N. peacekeepers getting involved in Ukraine, long term strategy in Afghanistan, as well as the ongoing violence in Sudan.  As a veteran operator of British Army Reconnaissance now working in private security with NordStierna International, these are all areas that Jay has some experience in, and the issue of violence in Sudan is especially personal for Jay.  Jay was actually a friend of Christopher Allen, the 25-year-old journalist and photographer killed there last month covering the conflict, and Chris had even photographed Jay.

We wrap up talking about some of the homegrown Islamic terrorism happening in Jay’s region, the U.K., solutions to solve it, as well as the differences in U.S. and U.K. culture in regards to firearms.  Jay’s very active on Instagram, so be sure to give him a follow @jay_sofrep.  We love showcasing the international pool of writers at, and hope that you enjoy and learn something new.