Let’s talk about workplaces. And let’s cut the crap right from the get-go: every workplace, from the glitzy sets of “The Tonight Show” to the dimly-lit Rolling Stone editorial room, brews its own special brand of toxicity. That’s right — there’s no Utopian paradise where every individual is firing on all cylinders 100% of the time. Why? Because humans, you know?

I know people who’ve worked at Rolling Stone (Hired one of them!) and the stories I’ve heard about their own office environment would make a Catholic Priest at a summer camp for boys blush.

Now, let’s take a step back. The folks over at Rolling Stone have painted a vivid picture of a ‘particularly tense day’ on Jimmy Fallon’s set. Jimmy, our beloved nighttime fun-time host, had a “bad Jimmy day.” He crossed out jokes, looked confused, and — brace yourself for this bombshell — had the audacity to forget something in the throes of live television production. But here’s the zinger: we’ve all been there. Yes, even the pristine folks at Rolling Stone.

The bigger question is, why the focus on the rare “bad day”? Is it because Rolling Stone has found its new hobby horse in the ongoing drama of cancel culture? Or maybe it’s just easier to jump on the bandwagon and attack a beloved figure for, well, being human.

In the manic, often self-righteous circus of media, it’s important to remember that Rolling Stone itself hasn’t been the gold standard of journalism every time they step into the ring. Case in point: their infamous 2014 exposé, “A Rape on Campus.” The article, diving into an alleged gang rape at the University of Virginia, ended up being a journalistic nightmare with its single-source narrative lacking proper corroboration. An independent review found it to be riddled with lapses, leading to a retraction and the sting of defamation lawsuits. If they can cast stones, let’s make sure their glasshouse is in order. If anyone’s capable of a “bad day” or even a series of them, it’s the good folks at Rolling Stone.

Let me hit you with a cocktail of reality: every organization, from the SEALs to late-night shows, to, yes, even esteemed magazines, is teeming with a mix of personalities. It’s impossible to have a perfect set, 100% of the time, where everyone’s always at their best. Because, let’s be honest, we’ve all had our “bad Jimmy days,” even if our names aren’t Jimmy. We’ve been irritable, we’ve forgotten things, and hell, we’ve even had days where a stiff drink before noon seemed entirely reasonable.

The bottom line: it’s pretty hilarious that any publication would try to stir the pot by highlighting someone’s occasional off-day. Especially when, in the grand scheme of things, Fallon’s “bad days” pale in comparison to the real challenges most people face daily.