March, 1999. Naval Special Warfare Training Center Coronado, California. Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL Training. 

Her vision started to go blurry as she felt what it must like to be trapped under ice with no way out. The light in her eyes gave way to darkness as she pushed forward with all her might. Another stroke, just focus on one more, almost.  

“Can’t go up, just a little bit further and I’m there. You can fucking do this JJ.”

Before she jumped in the pool and could take a full deep breath for the 50 meter test someone had shoved her.  She didn’t know who it was but had a damn good idea. She was an excellent swimmer, turned down a full swim scholarship for a shot at the Navy SEALs. She continued to press on even though she’d only taken half breath at most. “Keep going, fuck him.”

There was no push off the wall allowed for the fifty meter underwater swim. 

SEAL candidates had to enter feet first, do an underwater front flip and start swimming with no push off the wall for a full fifty meters underwater.  

At the halfway point she felt the urge to breathe getting stronger  as she stroked and tried to push the natural instinct to gulp for air out of her head. 

The human body starts to shut down at a certain point and she was definitely at her limit and she knew it. Then all faded to black and she went limp.