An American F-16 fighter jet has crashed a few miles outside of Joint Base Andrews in Maryland.

The F-16 was part of the 113th Fighter Wing out of Andrews.  The pilot was able to eject and has been reported as “okay,” by Air Force spokesmen.

Contradictory reports have surfaced regarding the exact distance away from the base the event took place, with some placing it as close as two miles from the air strip, and others indicating that it may have been further away – in either event no casualties have been reported and homes near the scene of the crash are being evacuated by emergency officials as a precaution due to the possibility of hazardous materials at the scene.

Mark Brady, a representative from Prince George’s County Fire and EMS told the media that their personnel are currently knocking on doors on all homes in the area to alert residents to any possible danger.  Some roads have been closed in the area of Temple Hills Road and Woodelves Way in Clinton, Maryland as a result.