In an act of unscrupulous defiance that would make the most hardened drug cartel kingpin blush, the Department of Veterans Affairs read the Riot Act to Congress – The VA will not comply with a 2014 law that was enacted in response to the wait-time scandal, which was specifically designed to terminate and cull the herd of VA corruption.

Although you cannot expect the cattle to simply guide themselves to the slaughterhouse. There has only been a facade of action and the herd is mad, riddled with plague, and bursting at its stationary seams.

The narrative of our reality has shifted and to get current with the time, our entertainment industry must stop production of gangster rap, mafia movies, and made for T.V. crime shows. Because there is a new, greater, more defiant, illicit, and infectious piece of human garbage that feeds off the misery of others for fast returns and a comfortable lifestyle. This streamlined staff can be found within the Teflon-halls of federal employment where they think in slogans and talk in bullets. Their ranks boast all the great crooks of the 21st-century whom rest comfortably, protected, and untouchable as federal employees. The most rotten of the bunch, the truly deplorable, those without morals, or conscience are housed within the benefit-rich for staff, not veterans; chop-shop called – The Department of Veterans Affairs.

Mafia – They Take Care of Their Own

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch is playing a shell game, and celebrating the latest decision in favor of the corruption of the system. For her and her affiliated loyalties in the system, this is another victory to tout on the citizens – ‘They’re better than we are and can do whatever they want’ – whenever they want. Albeit, for us lowly plebeians this is another demonstration in failure from the common in the shape bureaucratic pandering of the federal civil service system, this case just happens to be the VA.

The VA has again failed to do the bare minimum that one expects of an employee, their job.  It now appears that the minimum is no longer required, and a federal employee cannot and will not be terminated for even the most unbecoming conduct.


U.S. Attorney General Lynch and President Barack Obama’s administration are backing the triumphant return of Teflon-Overseer, Sharon Helman, who has recently weaseled her was through federal court. Helman has been contesting her 2014 VA termination, which resulted from knowingly and willingly accepting bribes, “gifts,” tickets for a Beyoncé concert, and a trip to Disneyland.

U.S. Attorney General Lynch said,