In one of the most bizarre cases that SOFREP has ever covered, Wayne Simmons, who claimed to have served in “outside para-military” operations for the CIA, has plead guilty to major charges of fraud and lying about his supposed background in the intelligence services.  As a Fox News contributor, Simmons would go on-air to make bombastic statements about bombing foreign countries, torturing terrorist suspects, and all manners of faux tough guy talk.  Any reasonable person would have been able to smell the bullshit on Simmons from a mile away, but his frauds continued for decades.

I was tracking Wayne’s bullshit for a long time, and it was pretty wild looking back on some of the notes I took on the “black ops” he was regaling people with.  One of the better stories he told was that in the 1970’s and 80’s he was assassinating Iranians in New York City, all under the auspices of outside para-military operations, whatever that is supposed to mean.  Black ops are a great racket to be in, because just like Jamie Smith, you can always claim that all of your paperwork was destroyed or never existed in the first place.  To people at major media outlets, or in Hollywood, this might make sense because…black ops.

What comes out of Wayne Simmons’ arrest is really the story of a sad old man who invented a made up persona to appear as if he had led an important life.  Eventually, that persona probably became harder and harder for Wayne to differentiate with his own personality.  Suffering from alcoholism, he most likely had no idea how to stop telling the lies.  Now that he has admitted that he committed a wholesale fraud, I simply hope that he gets the psychological help that he needs.  Facing up to forty years in prison for the various charges that the Department of Justice brought against him, it seems likely that however many years he is given by the judge that it will be a de facto life in prison sentence.

Below is SOFREP’s previous profile on Simmons published soon after his arrest.

Wayne Simmons, frequent Fox News commentator and supposed 27-year CIA veteran of “outside paramilitary operations,” was arrested by the Department of Justice on October 15th, charged with misrepresenting himself, wire fraud, weapons violations, and essentially inventing his entire CIA background from whole cloth.

While the mainstream media has reported on Simmons’s arrest extensively, including Fox News throwing him under the bus, the press was all over his involvement with far-right personalities like Michelle Bachman and Allen West. However, they completely missed Simmons’s connections to a slew of shady characters, including retired generals—one of whom is General McInerney, who has been profiled here on SOFREP before.

Who is Wayne Simmons?

“I had the opportunity to meet Wayne Simmons at a conference called ‘The Intelligence Summit’ in Washington, D.C.,” author JT Patten told SOFREP, having attended the conference in February of 2006. “The summit included a number of the who’s who in the intelligence and special operations communities who were part of the advisory council and key speakers. It was advised by Paul Valley, Gordon Cucullu, CDR Richard Marcinko, and Wayne Simmons, among others.”

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