Ladies, every dad who’s been trailing a woman at the mall or diaperland needs some help getting back to what it’s like to be a man. So please do him a favor this Fathers Day and get him the Manly Handbook.

This book has served me well since first given to me at the ripe young age of fourteen when I was working off the coast of California on a charter SCUBA diving boat. It was a great way to grow up, diving, working on the sea and of course those late night poker games where the boat’s owner and Captain Bill would slip me a crisp $100 so I could play a few rounds of three card monte and some seven card stud with the boys.

The Manly Handbook

The Manly Handbook has my highest recommendation and covers everything from style, making friends, fighting, food and occupations. A true companion for life.  See the featured occupation list which needs updating so if you’re a MAN, then feel free to share you thoughts.