Preparing, packing and readying for a film shoot out in the boonies is actually quite similar to preparing, packing and readying for a long FTX or mission overseas. However, instead of weapons, ammunition and radios you’re carrying cameras, SD cards and microphones. The equipment is more sensitive to the elements but just like in combat, you probably won’t have the means to replace much of anything if it breaks.

Go the extra mile to protect delicate equipment

A Canon 7D isn’t a 240B, and you can’t treat it as such. Film equipment is pricey, and if you’re really out in the boonies then replacing broken equipment can become difficult, and you can’t exactly lug a ton of extra lenses with you if everything has to fit on your back.

In the past, I have worked on a shoe-string budget, so I’m not buying thousands of dollars of lightweight, protective cases and special SD card holders. I bought one of those $20 Tupperware sets, used a smaller one for SD cards and a larger one for batteries, chargers and my lapel microphones. I taped the edges so there was no chance of them falling apart. I wrapped my extra lenses in microfiber towels that I could use for cleaning, and I padded everything with my socks and t-shirts.