Trump shark is going to be out for blood. He’ll be at the debate to besmirch Hillary Clinton and to chew bubble gum. Trump doesn’t chew bubble gum at debates.

I don’t even know what to expect from the debate this evening. I’m not sure if given the opportunity to read the script before hand I would want to spoil it. Whatever happens, it’ll be interesting. It’s already interesting, In the same manner, a car wreck is fascinating as you drive by it in the night. This has become completely unhinged and downright strange. Juliane Assange has lost his internet privileges during his extended sleepover at the Ecuadorian embassy. Whatever script we expected is no longer at play.

Information operations between the U.S. have escalated. While the CIA has leaked a program to confront Russia in cyberspace. At the same time, a retired General is set to be sentenced to prison for leaking classified information. Russia taunts U.S. with biggest military offensive since the Cold War. Russia is moving ahead with Missile program that violates treaty U.S. officials say.

Meanwhile, the war that kicked off our age of  war, Afghanistan, rages on with no clear path or plan for the future. Soldiers are dying in Afghanistan, and we’re preparing for an epic battle in Iraq. In Iraq, the fight won’t stop here – the real action will be corralling the personalities and intertribal turmoil after a drawn out battle with ISIS. A fight that’s destined to be chock-full of IEDs and whatever creative tactics ISIS employs, including taking many civilian lives.

But even with all of these tragic and intense events unfolding they’re likely going to take character sniper shots at one another. Who knows what Trump is going to say or do. How is he going to behave? It’s anyone’s guess. For that reason, I’ll be tuning in – but am also saddens that my interest is less patriotic. It’s more like a reality television show. But, this one is unscripted.

Not the wars, loss of life, education, STEM, the prison system, social security or any other relevant issues will be discussed. Instead, we’ll revisit Bill Clinton’s past women as well as Trump’s via recent allegations against him. Then, we’ll dissect and continue to discuss Hillary’s emails and her overall conduct and trustworthiness. The common denominator will be a question of both candidates character. It’s not possible for Hillary to avoid both defending herself and attacking Trump’s character.

Another theme will be an assertion from Trump that the election is rigged. Of course, the election hasn’t happened, yet. So, in a way Trump is predicting his defeat and attempting to rob Hillary of a victory. Or, he believes no one has favored or helped him – if not all have colluded against him. Which is certainly possible.

The last debate was intense and extremely confrontational by the usual standards. I would expect this discussion to be even more so. Because, at this point, Trump has nothing to lose and there’s very little he hasn’t said to this point. But there might be much more he would like to throw at Hillary. And tonight, we might see the kitchen sink flung her way.

Featured image courtesy of Business Insider.