The debate last night between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was entertaining for sure. But, it also contained a fair amount of substance. They debated issues, and they dove right in. Trump seemed surprisingly tame and not unhinged, and Hillary Clinton tried not to engage him. The debate had some good parts, as well as bad.

An interesting fight broke over the constitution and who each candidate would nominate as supreme court justice. At this moment we got their answers but not great clarity. Everyone wants to know where on the political spectrum the justices would fall. Instead, we got decent answers and a small fight between the two. But Trump said a few times, which he would appoint who will interpret the constitution as its meant to be interpreted. But some clarification and not just that line would have been helpful.

They then went to a 2nd Amendment discussion. It would be depressing if I didn’t have the ability to shoot on a range in the future. But I do think that the gun show concern is a legitimate one. Especially when we’re always at risk of the wrong kind of loon turning violent. I doubt Hillary, or any president, would be able to pass legislation and cash in their political capital for gun reform.

A couple of things that Trump has raised, which have been dismissed that might be worth talking about: