While there have been plenty of low-level terror bombings in Baghdad in recent months, until Sept 18, the more complex, infantry-based combat had been limited to the north, mainly around Mosul Dam, Samarrah, Tikrit, and Kirkuk.  But in the evening of the 18th, utilizing a combination of VBIEDs, suicide bombers, mortars, and, according to Shafaaq, RPGs, ISIS fighters struck in the Khadhmiya Neighborhood in northern Baghdad.

Khadimiyah is a majority-Shi’a neighborhood, actually a Shi’a holy city subsumed by Baghdad.  It is the site of a major Shi’a shrine, the Al Khadhimiya Mosque, which is was built over the tombs of two major Shi’a imams.  It is also the site of Camp Justice, a US-run base during the occupation, and also where Iraqi authorities hanged Saddam Hussein.

Camp Justice is now under Iraqi control, and was one of the major targets on Thursday.  Fourteen mortar rounds were fired from the vicinity of Taji, in the “Baghdad Belt” at Camp Justice, and at least one suicide VBIED rammed the checkpoint leading into the prison, reportedly killing three people and wounding ten.  Al Sumaria also reported mortars landing on the Aaima floating bridge across the Tigris to the north of the prison, and more on the Sunni Endowment further north of that.

A VBIED detonated near a restaurant in Khadhmiya at about the same time, killing another four people.  Iraqi Security Forces found and defused one more in the neighborhood.  Two suicide bombers were arrested before they could attack the base at Camp Justice.