If there is one non-negotiable and undeniable characteristic defining the world we live in it would be technological advancement. Despite the already numerous clichés about the way our daily lives have been transformed in recent years due to technology, it is important to constantly stress and analyze the incredible impact that technology is having not only on the civilian sphere but, more importantly, in the military one. 

The Digital Battlefield

Fighting traditional kinetic conflicts on an actual battlefield will always remain a core component of the military’s mission. But now, there is also an emerging digital “battlefield” that is just as important as the kinetic one. 

This digital battlefield doesn’t just call for tech-savvy or computer-literate soldiers. Rather, it requires advanced expertise on matters such as cybersecurity, new communications technologies, and other technical capabilities to handle diverse types of hardware and software, as well as new training resources and methodologies.

In this piece, we break down some of the fastest-developing areas that are poised to play a major role in the way military operations are carried out, both from a training and execution perspective.