Shamelessly pilfering article ideas is a skill at which we authors at SOFREP excel, especially when certain articles seem to hit a nerve, or draw lots of clicks.  Let’s face it, all that means is that you, the loyal reader, found a certain article to be fascinating and thus you read it, sent it to your friends to read, and then it took flight around the internet.

That is a good thing.  After all, we are here to enlighten you all — the muggles, when it comes to the realm of special operations and intelligence — about our world.  We want lots of you to read our articles.

One effective way to frame an article so as to ensure it enlightens readers is to craft stereotypes and generalizations about the types of people who work in intelligence and special operations, and share them with the world.  This author has done it before — here and here — and alas, now I am going to do it again.  Who says profiling does not work?

This time around, we are going to examine the five types of people you will run into if you step foot into the rarefied and legendary spaces of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in northern Virginia.  And yes, I am stealing the idea for this article from Raul Felix (here), as his was a useful construct.  As we say at the Agency, “kudos Raul,” for coming up with this framework.