In recent weeks, outlets ranging from obscure blogs to mainstream media cornerstones like Fox News have been reporting a new video that seems to show an unusual aircraft flying over Lake Norman in Mooreseville, North Carolina. The video, captured by a man named Jason Swing on May 29, opens with him looking into the lens and stating, “this is a spacecraft” before about a minute’s worth of shaky footage that seems to show a large object floating over the lake. It has since accumulated over a million views on YouTube.

Some have questioned the validity of the video, citing how much it shakes and its short duration, despite the fact that the supposed UFO doesn’t seem to be leaving any time soon. Many have commented on the video or taken to social media to ask why, if this UFO was remaining in the area as it seems to be, Swing was only able to capture less than a minute of footage that at no point offers a really clear glimpse of the craft he was trying to capture.

The video is accompanied by Swing’s brief explanation of events:

I was at work 2018 10:30 a.m it had been raining all morning. Rain finally stopped so we went w pick up a boat from lake norman … When came around the corner I saw this thing sitting still very close …”