Liberals are running scared of a Trump presidency. This reveals the problem with their logic that bigger government yields bigger and better results. They definitely yield big results and represent big potential, but in what direction falls victim to the occupying government in power.

A big government that works for everyone and solves problems sounds perfect. It would be if humans were responsible enough, down to individuals to do it. Except we’ve shown over time and in history that what will go wrong has a strong change of occurring. Humans are anything but devoid of selfishness and vulnerability to corruption.

That’s why conservative principles make sense, because the only way to ensure all people are kept in line is by making their sphere of influence self-limited. The number of executive orders that can be dealt, and have been dealt are scary. This new administration made very conservative comments and are hiring very conservative people to figure out a way to make it happen. One mechanism will be executive orders and whatever legal maneuvers they take.  For liberals this is a nightmare – and for some others the idea might sound beneficial.

No matter what it won’t be inline with everyone’s views. In fact, it’s a huge departure. For that reason – these coming orders may cause the country serious grief. They’ll be tossed with a new administration. There needs to be consistency. Industries and livelihood can hang on the whims of an executive order.

Regardless, maybe, now, liberals can embrace conservatism. The world is dangerous and we need strong defense. And, government, when large can look terrifying and out of control. This is why this republic was designed to hopefully remain a republic, if we can keep ourselves in line. This election represents a time where people are seeking revenge for abuse at the highest levels. Whether it’s abuse for real or by perception is irrelevant. Because this administration and the next one will have ideological beliefs that challenge traditional thinking. Except for us, the constitution represents some of our traditional thinking and the separation of powers, church and state, and limitation of the president are paramount to the republic.

Featured image courtesy of The Guardian.