Hi Everyone,

I wanted to take some time to introduce and explain the Force12 Media network since you’ve likely seen the network link and buzz on some of our sites.

Force12 Media is the parent company, and network that owns or manages a diverse range digital military platforms. We are a veteran owned and operated digital network. Think of us like the Discovery channel but web based with a focus on military content.

  • NavySEALs.com
  • SOFREP.com
  • SpecialOperations.com
  • TransitionHQ.com
  • Military Posh.com
  • TheArmsGuide.com
  • TheLoadoutRoom.com
  • SOFREP’s Spec Ops Channel via YouTube
  • Internet Radio-SOFREP Radio on iTunes and more coming soon…

Force12 Media was founded by myself, Jack Murphy (Managing Editor for SOFREP.com), and Charlie Jackman (VP of Technology) with the goal to have a robust, and authentic network of military content, operated by people who know and care about the military community. Our core site, and launch point was SOFREP.com , but our digital network and Internet presence has grown substantially in just under two years in business, our viewership is in the millions, and reaches over 170 countries monthly.

I remember being mocked by a senior executive (name withheld) at Military.com when Jack, and I first left, and launched SOFREP.com , “So what? You guys have four ad units running, good luck with that. You’ll never be a Military.com”. I’d pay money to see the expression on his face today.

Thanks for all your support, and we appreciate the loyalty and the community you’ve helped a few SOF guys (and one regular Army guy “Charlie) build.

Please check out the Force 12 network here.