There are few things which surprise or shock me anymore. Although terrorism sickens me, it is a part of the world we live in and over the years I have learned to live with it. As I have said before, there is nothing new in people committing gross acts of violence in one name or another in the UK. I’ve also been critical of anyone giving them too much press time. It is what they are after, raising awareness through atrocities. Their ideologies pushed into the limelight through heinous acts. I have never been for negotiating with such people and believe firmly that anything which promotes their causes should be left well alone. This time my thoughts are slightly different.

Having put up with this kind of thing for quite some time from so-called Islamist extremists, I think this time they have reached as low as I am prepared to go at them. Children caught in the crossfire is never a good thing. In fact no child no matter what their parents have left them to inherit, deserves to be harmed in any way, shape or form. This attack has actively sought to injure, maim, and kill children. There can be no other reason for walking into an arena full of young kids with a bomb and clacking it off.

The people behind this would have been well aware of who they would be targeting. They would have known full well that excited and vulnerable children would have been filling the place to see their young pop star. No one whatsoever can claim “Oh this is a one-off,” or “They probably didn’t mean to hurt children.” They did mean to hurt children, and they did carry it through. And I say “they” because the “lone wolf” story don’t wash this time either. You don’t build bombs by yourself from the internet, you don’t put yourself up for it. Someone has planted the seed in your head at the least, but I suspect there is a pack of these low lives still at large. And I have no doubt they helped in the selection of the target as well as in the execution of the attack.

I do think we should show the fanatics some interest this time. I also believe it is time for the man on the street to voice his opinion. We should quite literally roll out the red carpet in terms of military support now. We know who these people are who preach hate, we also see the ones who parade openly on the streets denouncing our western values. They are on our benefits in our housing accepting our hospitality. The security services have lists of people who are to be watched. They do a great job under the restrictions which are placed upon them. It must be so frustrating knowing where these people are and having to wait for them to clack off before you can do something.

It is similar to the old Northern Ireland days when we let them run a muck and couldn’t do anything unless they were actually committing their foul crime. Prevention has always been better than cure in my opinion. It is time to stop giving the “losers ” (as Donald Trump has rightly branded them) the upper hand, and give control to the people who can take care of this. If it is not gripped it is going to get a lot worse. They have shown intent and time and time again we let them continue living amongst us grinning as they support and condone the vilest of terror actions. Time after time we have accepted refugees who bite the hand that feed them. The flood gates from across the globe are still letting these people infiltrate our home land.

It is time we turned a few away. It is also time the ones who are openly flaunting and exploiting our kindness are rounded up. They need to be sent packing to wherever they came from or if they are home-grown they need locked in the most secure prison we have until their final breaths are taken on this planet. I can see the left-wing tree hugging brigade already branding me a thug. They could not be further from the truth. I have defended my country and given half a chance, would do so again. Try explaining to the parents of these young people who have been slaughtered that we knew where the people who did this were. We held all their details on lists and let them roam free until they carried out their threats. It’s not comforting to know that there are people out there who want to target our children en mass and that we are not going to arrest anyone unless we catch them red-handed; even when we know what flag they support and have evidence to support it.

There is a general election here looming, and although I have never voted and don’t understand politics. I hope that whoever the majority decide to put in power takes into consideration the situation we are in and changes the law accordingly to protect the children of this country. I am all for peace, but sometimes you have to quite literally get off the seat of you pants and defend what is dear to you. We cannot afford to have people at large in this country who wish to wipe out our youth. We as a nation cannot stand aside and let these people continue their campaign. Our forefathers fought hard for our way of life. We should not be giving their efforts up so easily. British blood has been spilt all over the globe in an attempt to keep our people safe. I hope the people eligible to vote don’t hand over things which don’t belong to them. The future belongs to our children.


Featured image courtesy of Getty Images