Very rarely does someone pick up a new hobby and hit it out of the park. But for Nate Boyer, I’d say he’s 5 for 5. He went from rogue international volunteer, to Army SFto college football starter at Texas, to an invite to NFL training camp and playing in a Seahawks preseason game, and now, has written what I consider the finest article to come out of the Colin Kaepernick drama.

It’s unbiased, unhurried, eloquent, and succinct. It’s biting and forgiving, heartfelt and pragmatic. Hell, just read his words written for the Army Times:


I’m a big fan. I’ve been pulling for you ever since I first saw you play in the 2012 preseason. I was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and have been a die-hard 49ers fan as long as I can remember – growing up, I was Joe Montana for Halloween two years straight.