Bruce McCandless, former Navy Pilot and astronaut, died on Thursday, the 21st. McCandless was known primarily for being the first man to make an untethered space walk, otherwise known as “untethered free flight,” where they disconnect entirely from their spacecraft and head on out into the abyss. The image featured above is the famous picture of McCandless during this landmark experience.

McCandless has quite the family history. His father, also Bruce McCandless, was a Medal of Honor recipient for actions conducted on the U.S.S. San Francisco during WWII. His grandfather was also a Medal of Honor recipient, earned during his service in the Navy — there was an accident on the ship that wounded him, but he was able to extinguish the fire and save the vessel, thereby saving everyone on it. Another one of the McCandless family members received the Navy Cross in WWI.

His family history isn’t over.

He was the great, great-grandson of the infamous western outlaw, David C. McCanles of the McCanles Gang. This is the nine-man gang that was famously gunned down by “Wild Bill” Hickock in 1861, earning Wild Bill his nickname. This is not quite the legacy his descendants would fall in line with, and their family would change their last name from McCanles to McCandless due to the incident.