Brett Jones, a former Navy SEAL who served with SEAL Teams 8 and 10 as well as working as a CIA contractor for 13 years, is now involved with an ambitious project to raise awareness about veteran homelessness.  The film is called “Only Easy Day” and is currently seeking additional funding to finish the production.

“During editing of Homeless in Huntsville, a documentary we made, the director of that project (Isaiah Williams) and I came up with the idea of making an independent feature length film,” Jones told SOFREP. “I read up on how to write a screenplay and got to work. We wrote a great script we believed in, and thus a production company was formed to make the film.”

Only Easy Day follows up on Jones’ previous film project, Homeless in Huntsville in which the former SEAL lives as a homeless person for four days.  “Having interacted with many homeless veterans, it opened my eyes and my heart to that problem,” Jones said before going on to explain why he can personally empathize with the plight of America’s homeless veterans.

“Not long after filming on that documentary ended, and while writing the screenplay for this movie, I lost my house in foreclosure. It basically boiled down to paying my employees or losing the house. I was fortunate enough to make it through that difficult time without loosing my business or worse. The reality of how any number of reasons that our brothers and sisters can end up on the street really drove home the importance of a project like this.”

Right now the film is crowd funding the final production costs and have set up a Indigogo page where interested parties can make a donation of their choice.  Ten percent of all donations will be given to charities for veterans and the homeless.

“There are an estimated 50,000 homeless vets, and the sound of that number fucking hurts,” Jones said.