Russian Analyst Plots World Domination

Just when you thought that Russia had done about everything it could do to embolden its drive toward expansion, some new piece of undigested waste floats up to the top of the pile. This time, it is coming from a Russian political analyst who stated that Russia should annex three States from the USA and take Poland and Finland. Honestly, you just can’t make this stuff up.

Maybe this knowledgeable individual has not visited the United States lately. I’m not sure why anyone would want to risk a major conflict to occupy California but to each their own. Hawaii and Alaska, now that’s a different story.

They Better Bring a Lot of Guns

I think it might be only fair to reacquaint this individual with the 2nd Amendment to our constitution. Heck, we probably have more firearms in Alaska in civilian hands than are in the government stocks. Not too sure about Hawaii, but if they are instituting gun control, they might want to reconsider. Even California may be able to do a good job at defending itself just by calling on the illegally owned firearms within the State. The one thing our country has is an overabundance of firearms and a strong desire to maintain our freedom.

I figure that the basis for the Alaska argument would be the old land bridge between Russia and Alaska that supposedly existed at some point in time. A lot of folks would just scratch their head and chuckle, but it doesn’t really take much of anything to stoke the creative minds of the Russian elite.

If a Russian has ever stepped foot anywhere, there is a chance to annex the territory in their mind.

I guess at some point in time, Borris Badunov and Natasha may have crashed their boat into Hawaii and been stranded for a while. It’s either that or the mere fact that Hawaii is a group of islands far from the US mainland, and some Russian rocket scientist thinks the US government won’t even realize it isn’t part of the country any longer. Maybe they might want to look a little closer to figure out that we actually have a good number of military personnel there. I doubt that the memory of Pearl Harbor would be easily forgotten by our country.

Poland and Finland are now part of NATO and testing the resolve of the member countries in protecting other members might not be a very smart decision. While Poland has been overrun several times throughout history, it might not be so easy this time around. They have a large NATO presence in their country and are growing their military. The state of readiness is high and although I don’t believe they are desirous of any miliary action, I am fairly certain they would not shy away from armed conflict, and neither would NATO.