Phonies are everywhere these days and being a CIA fraud is the best of all because you can always claim that your background is Majestic-12 super-top-secret.  “You see, I was a NOC, so all my records are sealed.  That’s why I can’t provide a single shred of evidence to back up my claims.”  Being fake CIA is so much better than being fake Special Operations because you can actually verify our tridents, long tabs, and scrolls.  Moreover, the CIA won’t go after you because that would put them in a position where they are confirming or denying people who may or may not be clandestine officers or assets.  They would rather have a bunch of frauds running around rather than put themselves in a position where their actual clandestine people could be outted, and I don’t blame them for that.

The public should be extremely skeptical of people claiming to have participated in high-speed CIA operations that sound like something out of a movie.  The person talking openly about such things is almost certainly full of it, and if they are not, they are so narcissistic that you don’t want anything to do with them.

From Outside Magazine:

The Spy Who Scammed Us?

Jamie Smith says he was recruited into the CIA as an undergraduate at Ole Miss, cofounded Blackwater, and has done clandestine intelligence work all over the world, operating out of a counterterrorism boot camp in the woods of north Mississippi. Plenty of people believed him, including the Air Force (which paid him $7 million to train personnel) and William Morrow, which signed him up to write his memoir. There’s just one little question: How much of it is true?

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