Estonian commandos are the latest to join a French-led Special Operations task force that will deploy in Africa in the upcoming summer to fight Islamic extremists.

The deployment of the Estonian commandos was first reported by the Defense Post back in 2019. Then, an Estonian Defense Ministry spokesperson had stated that the country’s contribution to Task Force TAKUBA would come in the form of medical personnel, Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) technicians, and Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACs).

Now, the Estonian Ministry of Defense has verified that Special Operations troops will also be joining their counterparts in the fight against extremism in the Sahel region.

Kadi Silde, the Estonian Deputy Secretary-General of the Ministry of Defense, said that the “Estonian Special Operations Unit will be ready to move to Mali from the summer to assist and support the Malian security forces in close cooperation with French Special Operations Units.”  She didn’t specify how many Estonian commandos will be joining the Task Force.