For decades, the U.S. government has been accused of not only secretly investigating the existence of extra-terrestrials on and around our planet, but of conducting a generation-spanning cover up aimed at keeping the public at large in the dark about such visitors.  For many Americans, these accusations are little more than a plotline in some of the loftier episodes of the X-Files, but in certain circles, these accusations come with dire concern, if not a bit of dramatic exaggeration.

As we’ve covered before on SOFREP, in truth, the U.S. government did devote both personnel and resources to getting to the bottom of the rash of UFO sightings that occurred around the country in the 1950s and 60s, and even the infamously secretive CIA is willing to admit that not all of the occurrences the government investigated could be readily explained.  Of course, that admission stops short of suggesting the culprits were actually little green men (or grey as many accounts claim), but nonetheless, uncertainty leaves room for guessing; both educated and otherwise.

While the Air Force conducted higher profile investigations into the possibility of aliens visiting Earth, the CIA, unsurprisingly, was involved all the way back to 1940, seven years prior to the Roswell incident that would come to define a generation of UFO (and at least one Soviet) based conspiracy theories.  In fact, the CIA’s alien-related efforts date back even further than the FOO Fighter sightings reported by American and British pilots during World War II.

If the CIA ever turned up any substantial evidence of aliens visiting Earth, they certainly didn’t release it to the public, but in recent years, the combination of public interest and a steady slew of Freedom of Information Act requests has revealed quite a bit about the methods employed in trying to track down the truth behind claims of flying saucers.  Based on the documents available through the CIA’s archive, it’s clear that they at least seriously took the possibility that these strange aircraft were real, and with good reason.