Alright SOFREP crew, buckle up as we look at the absurdities of modern culture that has America in decline.

There’s still hope for Lady Liberty if we look to the military but I’ll get to that in a military minute.

If you thought the everyone gets a trophy mantra was the peak of societal coddling, think again. We’ve now evolved—or perhaps devolved—into the realm of “woke culture,” and accepted it as a societal norm. Schools and businesses celebrate moral grandstanding as an Olympic sport and the only medals handed out are for who can cry foul the loudest.

Participation trophies were just the opening act, the teaser trailer for today’s main feature: The Woke Wars.

Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away (aka the 1990s and early 2000s), parents, educators, and little league coaches across America hatched a plan: make every kid feel like a winner. Losing? What’s that? Timmy, who couldn’t kick a soccer ball if his life depended on it, here’s your participation trophy. You’re special, Timmy. Just like everyone else. This bright idea, ostensibly crafted to bolster self-esteem, essentially lowered the bar so far that you could trip over it.

A generation was set up to fail and the wake up call came to most after finishing college and getting smacked in the face by the cold hand of reality.

But wait, if we didn’t do enough damage to the millennials, there’s more!

Enter woke culture.