Hello Team Room. This is my first foray into writing exclusively for you all, so thanks for having me. Thank you also for choosing to be members of the Team Room. It’s a pretty cool feature of the site, and I like the idea of giving you all a little extra insight into us, the authors, and the topics we cover on the site.

With that in mind, I wanted to touch on a couple of topics. First, thanks for reading my stuff, and for all of your positive feedback. I and the other writers on the site really appreciate and feed off of hearing back from you all, our readers. My question is, what else do you want to read about? What do we not cover that you want to see covered, or what topics do you want to hear more about?

I, for one, have received requests for more BUD/S stories, so will work on churning those out. We the writers want to be careful not to turn the site into our own personal “there I was, no shit” fora, but if you all want some more of that, I am happy to give more. God knows, I have lots of stories in which I look foolish, nearly die, or am otherwise scarred emotionally from being tortured, during BUD/S. If you can get some entertainment from those, all the better.

Thanks to Team Room member Ron M. for this shot of BUD/S class 202 at San Clemente Island, watching their charge detonate.

Thanks to Team Room member Ron M. for this shot of BUD/S class 202 at San Clemente Island, watching their charge detonate.

Secondly, with the recent completion of Ranger school by two female students and the announcement that women will soon be enrolling in BUD/S training, we’d like to know what your opinions are regarding females in these SOF units. What do you all think about opening the training up to women, and then, one step further, assigning women to these historically male-only special operations units?

We here at SOFREP are always curious to hear what you think. I will reserve my own opinions for the time being, but I do offer the below as some of the things I have heard from some members of the SEAL community, with regards to female SEALs:

  • How will unplanned pregnancies be handled during deployments and work-ups? These are small units, and each individual plays an important role.
  • How will the Navy deal with fraternization in the forward operating theaters?
  • Will women be nudged through BUD/S, or will the standards be lowered at all?
  • How will integration of females into the Naval Special Warfare community, within the SEAL ranks, affect unit readiness and cohesion?

Those are all legitimate questions, and my own opinion is that the ship has sailed on women going to BUD/S and making it into the community. So, how will it all turn out? Time will tell. Let us know what you think.

Finally, I was cleared recently by the CIA to publicly acknowledge my former employment in the National Clandestine Service (NCS). I have appeared in true name in one of Jack Murphy’s articles on the site (can you figure out which one?), and just so you all know, my real first name is Jeff. Nice to meet you.

Fru sends.