First a disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only.  I built this garrote wire to conduct research and have no intention of actually using it and neither should you.  Like any weapon, this is not a toy.  You should not “play” with or “test” it on any human being under any circumstances.  Accidents happen, like when you play with an “unloaded” gun.  Don’t be stupid.

The garrote wire is a somewhat antiquated and exotic weapon in this day and age.  In the era of submachine guns with integral built-in suppressors, often firing subsonic bullets, crude methods such as strangulation seem obsolete even when a completely silent kill is required.  Usually, this takes the form of sentry removal.  Soldiers needing to infiltrate a target area need to silently eliminate guards in order to maintain the element of surprise.

In chapter one of my book, Reflexive Fire, my protagonist uses a unique type of garrote wire to silently eliminate the members of a drug cartel.  Of course, I wanted to actually build the thing first to see if it would work.

The Garrote Wire | For a Silent Kill